Well, HELLO There!

I Peter 5:7-9 AMP
I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13
The bare.
The bones.
The boards.
The Chloe
The End

Mighty God, we need fear NOTHING because You are with us and NOTHING will harm us. Jesus, help us TRUST Your Word.

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others.

4 responses to “Well, HELLO There!”

  1. Hey Doug! Thanks for the picture show…it turned out great! Hope you are enjoying it💕

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    1. Looks like Chloe is🤣

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      1. Her favorite: FOOD! Lol

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    2. 15 of us graced it on July 4th. Dogs, burgers, ribs, (oh, those ribs!), sodas, chip & dip, salads, and s’mores.
      Glad you enjoyed the slide presentation.

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