Where Have you Been

Hey, Doug Dial here with 1 minute of hope.

On the first day of school after summer vacation the air is replete with mixed emotions. Each student knows they’ll have to stand and share … where they’ve been. Those whose parents have sufficient coin are chomping at the bit to brag about their lofty travels. Those less fortunate avoid eye contact so no one can see the tears.

Where have YOU been?

Have your travels brought you across fields of sorrow?

Have you journeyed through heartache and loss?

Where have I been? I was hoping you’d ask.

♫ I’ve been to Calvary; I can say I’ve seen the Lord

♫ I’ve been to Calvary, through the witness of His Word

♫ Each day at Calvary, what a thrill of love divine

♫ Just to know that the Savior is mine – William J. Gaither


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