The Keeper

God keeps the books.

God keeps His sheep.

He’s the Ancient of Days.

He KNOWS how to keep.

Psalm 121:5 The LORD is thy keeper …

7 responses to “The Keeper”

  1. Yes, so true! Praise His Holy Name!

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    1. If God lets me live until mid November, it will be 50 years since he plucked my sorry, depressed, depraved and discouraged soul from the pit of despair. Yes, praise His holy Name!
      Blessings to you and yours!

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      1. It has been 47 for me! So grateful for His Love and Forgiveness!

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      2. Sounds like about the same time. There was a phenomenal move of God in our hometown of Presque Isle, Maine in the early ‘70’s.
        What a mighty God we serve!
        My wife also came in under a powerful move in Jersey around the same time.

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      3. I was in Tucson, Arizona at the time!

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  2. Love this poem. Beautiful in its simplicity. Powerful in its verity. He is worthy of our full trust. I know this is true, although the outworking of this knowledge in the face of trials is something He is still teaching me.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      Yes, His lessons are varied and never ending. Blessings!

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