Tears on the Belt

The City on the Hudson

You are reading the blog and confession of a country bumpkin. Ayup. Born in Alaska and raised in northern Maine.

Back woods — they called me.

However, a recent career switch has me driving the city roads of The Big Apple. You heard it right — NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Oh, MY!

The other day this chauffeur picked up a client and the destination was JFK Airport. From the suburbs in Jersey onto some pretty busy thoroughfares. One of them being the infamous Belt Parkway.

Friend, I prayed ALL THE WAY there.

Did I mention I’ve only driven there once before? It was nighttime. Rain and fog were in the air. Oh, my!

Well, we got there in one piece, safe and sound. I dropped off my client and began the return ride. Gratitude welled up in my heart as tears flooded my eyes at the goodness of God.

prayers on the way

tears on the Belt

oh, the presence of God

I felt

praying for His leading

leaning heavy on Him

He blessed me with His presence

again and again and again

after dropping off the client

my lids leaked out the tears

returning via the Belt Parkway

I reminisced of all the years

He’s led, and blessed, and watched over me

time and time again

no, I’ll never walk alone

for the Master holds my hand

Mighty God, You are so good! Thank You for keeping ALL Your promises and thank You for keeping me. Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

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  1. Renee Bennett Avatar
    Renee Bennett


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    1. Happy Memorial Day to you too, Cousin!


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