Abounding in Love

🎶 Oh love of God, how rich and pure —

🎶 How measureless, and strong —

🎶 It shall forevermore endure —

🎶 The saint’s and angel’s song —

Mighty God, Your love is abundant and abounding. You are forgiving and good. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

2 responses to “Abounding in Love”

  1. My pastor just spoke about “abound” last week and I love the full definition, because it truly speaks of how abounding God is, and then gives to us!

    “1. To have or possess in great quantity; to be copiously supplied; followed by with or in; as to abound with provisions; to abound in good things.

    2. To be in great plenty; to be very prevalent.

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    1. Absolutely awesome definition of the bounty of our uncreated God.

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