The Show

I can’t speak for you but I’m the kinda guy that needs to be shown something over and over and over again. Then, a few more times. Maybe I’m slow. But I just gotta see it more than once.

But check out THE SHOW: God’s Unfailing Love!

Now I must confess: I do NOT possess a doctorate in Wordology BUT — I’m relatively sure unfailing love means: GOD’S LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Does that mean He ALWAYS gives us what we want? Honey, THAT ain’t love!

Does that mean He ALWAYS gives us what we need? Bet you by golly, WOW!

In ways innumerable He SHOWS us His unfailing love.

It’s in His creation.

It’s in his Word.

It’s in His dealings with us.

It’s in His answers to prayer. (ALL OF THEM) Yes. No. And wait. 😀😀😀

He allows and directs circumstances and situations daily and MOMENT BY MOMENT that SHOW us His unfailing love.

Mighty God, help us to PROCLAIM: our eyes have seen the glory of Your unfailing love. Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

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