Too Dead to Doubt

🎶 If Jesus said it, I believe it

🎶 His Word cannot lie

🎶 If it’s written in the Bible

🎶 I’ll believe it till I die

🎶 Though the mountains be removed

🎶 And cast into the sea

🎶 God’s Word will last forever

🎶 Throughout eternity

Dear one, Hold onto His promises! Abraham and Sarah were promised a son by God. God doesn’t lie.

Hope in His Word!

Hold onto His Word!

Believe His Word!

When things seem IMPOSSIBLE God rolls up His sleeves and does what He promised!

DON’T DOUBT — even though you feel … DEAD! GOD … DON’T … LIE!

Mighty God, help us hold onto Your promises! Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share with others!

3 responses to “Too Dead to Doubt”

  1. That photo is amazing! Reminds us that God sees the full thing every time.

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    1. Imagine serving a god with limited range?
      NOPE! Not our God, He sees ALL!


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