Desperate for Deliverance

Psalm 79 NIV

Desperate for deliverance

From satan, self, and sin.

Oh Father, liberate us;

Rescue our hearts again.

Dear one, no amount of prestige, power, fame or fortune can purchase what we desperately need in our hour of desperation. ONLY JESUS!

HE is our mighty Deliverer!

Precious LORD, desperate times are upon us and we need a Deliverer. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

3 responses to “Desperate for Deliverance”

  1. “My Hope Is In You, Lord” is the first song that I learned to sign with. Amazing message in this short song!

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    1. You sign? Awesome ministry. My wife used to sign for our Bible school choir many moons ago.

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      1. I learned some sign language in order to try to communicate with our non-verbal autistic granddaughter. She didn’t like to use it but I can sign to her and she understands and will sometimes respond. I don’t use it as a ministry, though, because I’m not fluent in sign, but I do sign some songs in church and sometimes when my heart is full, I praise God in sign language. My daughter taught her children sign language and they sign songs in church for special worship songs. In fact, the twelve year old did a solo, singing and signing. What a blessing to be heard by those who are deaf or to hear those who are mute!

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