Well, HELLO There!

Mighty God, Your faithfulness continues through all generations, because Your Word says so. Help us to believe, no matter how great the storm, we pray.

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

3 responses to “Well, HELLO There!”

  1. We sang ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’ in church this morning. I love that song!

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  2. Thank you, Brother, for these blessed words of encouragement. His faithfulness does apply to all generations as does the blood of His Son’s forgiveness over our sins and the anointing for ministry which comes from His application of grace.
    Be strong in the Lord. If we weren’t a danger to the kingdom of darkness, Satan wouldn’t wage war against us. Dont be amazed with disbelief over these fiery trials we endure but put on your armor of righteousness and fight for the Lord. Get the helmet of salvation on, not getting saved again, but trusting in His salvation and believing in it because the devil is attacking our minds, our brains, our head. Fasten the helmet of salvation on and fill your mind with the blessed truth of God. Jesus said, “What I say to you, I say to all: Watch”. God bless you for your encouragement. You are a blessed brother in Christ, a true saint in the fire. God loves you and so do those who receive your 5 minutes of hope each day. Your ministry is a gift from God, so continue in His grace and may the peace of God rule your heart and mind! Amen? Amen!

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    1. My wife Tisha and I have pretty much ascertained that I’ve never really been in a spiritual battle before. If I have, it wasn’t nearly this intense. Some days are just so difficult to get going.
      Been quoting Scripture and trying to stay focused on God and the work Christ completed at Calvary.
      Appreciate the kind words of encouragement and hope, Dr.


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