Savior in the Angst

Relief from grief doesn’t come in a flash;

when your heart is decimated like shattered glass.

Broken pieces lie scattered all around;

you’re convinced your sanity will never again be found.

You’re sad, you’re mad, you wanna lash out.

You’re depressed, you’re down, you wanna cash out.

Then, all at once, a thought comes your way;

after you have grieved day after day.

The darkness parts and the light seeps in.

Your heart begins to feel again.

Ever so slowly you realize;

the fears you had were fantasized.

You sense a presence not felt before

and feel your spirit begin to soar.

A voice resounds within your head;

the fears that bound you have now all fled.

The whisper you’re hearing tells you this,

yes, a caring voice that you cannot dismiss:

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light

I am thy God, thy soul’s delight!”

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