Still Standing

Contrary winds have blown across my heartstrings and wreaked havoc with my haven and safe, happy home.

Terror gripped and ripped at my mind; as I helplessly watched my most precious love slip from this life into eternity.

Suffocating loneliness, as I have never known before, descended upon me like an avalanche.

I did not know the human heart could possibly feel this much pain and loss and trauma.

Bitterness has come knocking at my heart’s door several times; but I refuse to answer.

My life has changed and been rearranged in a million ways; and I don’t always know how to answer the questions anymore.

However, I’M — STILL — STANDING!

4 responses to “Still Standing”

  1. Amen! Keep standing on the sure foundation of God🙏🏾

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    1. Thank you. I wrote this for a dear friend who lost her husband suddenly from a heart attack several years ago.
      It’s amazing how it applies to so many of us during our dark days.

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  2. This is so fitting these days. I’m becoming so weary of the news of someone I know passing…especially young adults. Thank you…💕

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    1. Loss is tough and yes, all too often. May God comfort you and be so close as you grieve. Blessings all over your day!

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