My First Christmas

This Christmas will be my first Christmas;

without my loved one by my side.

This Christmas will be my first Christmas;

since something inside of me died.

Not sure how I’m gonna handle the festivities;

I’m really not in the mood.

Please forgive me if you catch me a little down;

don’t mean to be acting so rude.

It’s just that a part of me is missing;

seems like they were always here with me.

I’ll tell you what gift I wish were there;

underneath the Christmas tree.

Father, this emptiness inside of me;

will it ever go away?

I know they are safe in your loving arms;

but, I’m so lonely every day.

“My child, I know of your heartache;

you simply must believe that I care.

I also know a bit about separation;

for I too, once was there.

I’ll never forget my first Christmas;

without my only begotten Son.

We enjoyed sweet fellowship from eternity past;

until this deed was done.

He willingly laid aside his Godhood;

volunteered to become a man.

My heart was broken at the severance;

while He purchased salvation’s plan.

When I watched Him hang on Golgotha’s cross;

child, you cannot imagine the pain

But for the joy set before Him He endured the cross;

and the knowledge of what heaven would gain.”

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