Empty Hands


Hello friend and welcome to our weekly Vlog/Blog: “5 Minutes of Hope”.

Are you doing okay today? I SURE hope so!

Our purpose is to bring you an uplifting message of encouragement, hope and inspiration. Once this video has aired, you will be able to read the transcript in the group: “5 Minutes of Hope”. We look forward to visiting with you EVERY Wednesday at this time to share the message of HOPE!


Today’s topic is: empty hands.

When we enter and leave this world our hands are empty. However, in between, we are blessed and privileged to hold the hands of the ones we love and cherish.

But … when the doctor walks into the hospital room and quietly says, “Sir. Ma’am. There’s nothing more we can do… “

When the phone rings in the middle of the night and the voice on the other end informs you, “There’s been an accident… “

When you pick up the note your spouse left on top of the nightstand and it reads,” I’m leaving. I found someone else… “

BAM! GONE! Empty hands.

At this horrific moment, many find it difficult to breathe. The wind has been knocked out of you. Words are but a blur and the shock of the tragedy plays out … quite often … in shock, astonishment, and unbelief!


Dear one …

I PROMISE … I won’t PRETEND to know exactly how you feel.

I PROMISE … I won’t tell you HOW to grieve or how LONG to grieve.

Your heartache — your pace! Grief is NOT a swift run race.


The “ANSWERS” to the “WHY ME” may or may not EVER appear. But the same One who allowed tragedy to come knocking at your heart’s door is the SAME One who is NEVER far from any one of us. Once we invite Him INTO our lives to forgive us of our sin and take up permanent residence in our hearts and lives, He does JUST THAT! He comes to stay … through ALL of life’s twists and turns!


Throughout the Scriptures we are promised that God will not forsake His people:

Hebrews 13:5 states: Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.

Psalm 37:28 reads: For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.


Friend, in our time of heartache and grief, finding some alone time with God and His Word, the Bible WILL bring comfort and strength. DON’T be afraid to tell Him EXACTLY how you feel. He’s BIG! He can handle it! Take a few moments to read a verse or two of comfort and allow His Holy Spirit to bless and encourage you.


The Promise of His Presence

Rx: The Living Savior

Diagnosis: Grief.

In the storm — Christ IS my comfort,

when words bring no relief.

God promised us His presence.

It’s a present like NONE other.

The friendship of a Savoir;

sticking closer than a brother.

When “Why” and “God, where are you”?

Are the cries of my broken heart.

I’ll cling to your unfailing promise:

You’ll never — NEVER depart.


Dear Father today, help us realize you keep your promises AND you keep your people when they travel a dark, lonely road. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


May you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

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