Jesus Accepts the Rejected

by Linda Handzel

This is a copy of one of the recordings I did for my radio broadcast called ‘A Word of Hope’. You can hear my one-minute broadcast Monday-Friday between 7:10 and 7:15 AM and between 5:10 & 5:15 PM. The radio station is ‘God’s Country 88.9 FM’ and can be accessed through the internet. If you have Alexa or Google Play, just ask for that station.

“I’m here to tell you that Jesus accepts the rejected.

John chapter 4 tells the story of Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman at a well in Samaria. In that culture Jesus could have ignored her, because men were not required to speak to women, but he spoke anyway. Jews and Samaritans had a centuries-old grudge between them, so they did not speak to each other, but Jesus spoke to her anyway. She had a very shady past, so even her own fellow-citizens avoided her. But Jesus knew she would be at the well at noon that day, and he arranged his schedule around her arrival at the well. In that conversation Jesus told the woman that He was the true Messiah and she believed and trusted in Him as God. This is Linda Handzel, and God accepts the rejected.”

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      Thank you for sharing.


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    craig lock

    a pleasure, Doug
    enjoy your weekend
    best wishes


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