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Introducing our fellow blogger Brian Jewell

Growing up in a small town bred a need for an outlet from the humdrum quietness. Coupled with a journey into the depths of darkness back into the light, writing became my outlet. From poetry to song lyrics to short stories, expressing the spectrum of human emotion, paper is my canvas, and a pen is my brush. Introspective and insightful, I write from both experience and creative spontaneity.

Born in Pennsylvania into a pastor’s home and eventually landing in northern Maine I was surrounded by music and the Bible from my earliest memories. While on the outside I was a happy child there was a sense of being different that I could never seem to articulate for many years. Having become jaded by a self-imposed reality of falsehood, I walked away from the faith of my father and mother, to explore the life I thought I wanted. A series of events took me to into a darkness that became a battle for my life and soul.

By the grace and mercy of God I returned to the faith I took lightly with gratitude. Now, on the other side of that wicked battle, I was entrusted with an amazing wife, Raelynn, and a career in law enforcement communications.

You’ll find his blog at http://www.viewsfromthejaded.wordpress.com

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