Through it all, God

Through all life’s changes — God is a constant.

Through all life’s dark hours — God is a light.

Through all life’s transformations — God is a transformer.

Through all life’s trying times — God is a comfort.


Through all life’s heartaches — God is a healer.

Through all life’s questions — God is the answer.

Through all life’s mistakes — God is a forgiver.

Through all life’s circumstances — God is!

5 responses to “Through it all, God”

  1. How beautiful and encouraging this is! God Bless You Doug.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that! Blessings to you, Julia.

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  2. Beautiful! Love your words

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    1. So kind of you to comment. God bless your day real good!

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      1. Of course! Same to you 😊

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