Father, O Father

David Osborn Dial
October 15, 1923 – November 23, 1957

some miss the man

some hated the man

some dads are alive … some gone

he was my hero

he was a loser

he did so much right … and wrong

sad dad

glad dad

bad dad

rad dad

every shape, size and temperament imaginable

he never

he always

he hollered

he praised

the extremes are totally unfathomable

but NOW dad … we’re up to the plate

it’s time to swing the bat

forgive, let go, encourage, bless

love them right where they’re at

take a moment to pray

O Father, today

please lead me

in a fatherly way


  1. Adelheid Avatar


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  2. tamweary Avatar

    I can see the resemblance💕

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    1. dougdial Avatar

      Our older brother resembled him even more.

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      1. tamweary Avatar

        Is that in physics appearance only, and/or mannerisms and personality?

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      2. dougdial Avatar

        That I cannot answer. Our dad perished in a military plane crash when I was just over two years old. No memories of him whatsoever. Thank you for asking.

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      3. tamweary Avatar

        So sorry to hear that…Your Father God has obviously made much more of a mark on your life!! Thanks so much for sharing your tribute🤩

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      4. dougdial Avatar

        He CERTAINLY has. Rescued my lost and sorry soul at the age of 17. HE is my song and my story. Thanks for listening.

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      5. tamweary Avatar

        What a testimony💕

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