What a Friend

Hey, Doug Dial here with one minute of hope.

The song writer wrote, … ♫  Oh, what peace we often forfeit, oh, what needless pain we bear. All, because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer. – Joseph M. Scriven


Good times.

Not so good times.

These times DEMAND that we keep the communication lines open and active every … waking … moment.

♫ Friendship with Jesus, fellowship divine, oh, what blessed sweet communion Jesus is a friend of mine. – Joseph C. Ludgate

I don’t know where you’re gonna go to get this kind of a deal, dear one.

An active, vibrant, and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ the King of Kings is what we need.

WHAT a friend!

One response to “What a Friend”

  1. He is my Beloved and I am His❤️🕊️ Good post. Thank you for sharing 😊

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