No Longer Bound

Hey, Doug Dial here with 1 minute of hope.

If you have ever been incarcerated, you know that “jailed in” feeling. I was only in overnight a couple of times in my youth but oh, the sweet taste of freedom. Being bound is NO picnic!

One of the deepest longings and desires of every human is FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

What, if anything, has you bound, dear friend?

Unbelief, fear or failure,

A mighty prison these three.

Oh Jesus, from my bondage

Won’t you set me free?

So God brought out his chosen ones with singing; with a joyful shout they were set free! Psalm 105:43 TPT

♫ I’m free from the fear of tomorrow

♫ I’m free from the guilt of the past

♫ I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song

♫ I’m free! Praise the Lord! Free at last! – Gaither Vocal Band

No Longer Bound

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