Address: The Altar

On the day I knelt at the altar of repentance;

that very moment God commuted my sentence.

I was destined for death and the grave and hell;

but I traded that dirge for an “It is Well!”

Yes, that day I switched up my address.

Now I hang in a different place.

Instead of lingering long at the bar,

I’m beholding the Master’s face.

Often, you’ll find me at the altar confessing;

seeking my Savior and the Father’s blessing.

So many faults and failures need addressing.

Praying in the Spirit for a rapturous coalescing.

Oh, friend; I know how to make a mess.

Learning ever learning, my need to confess.

So thankful that He loves me, more not less.

I get up off my knees and I am truly blessed.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins …” I John 1:9

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