God’s Got Monday

Hey, Doug Dial here with 1 minute of hope.

It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re there and I’m here and nobody has a clue what tomorrow may bring.

Oh, wait a minute, this just in: God is already sitting on top of Monday morning. He has said to us over and over again,

“Do … not … fear”! Why? Because He is with us! In the fire, in the storm, in the heartache, on a sunny beach in sunny Florida. No matter where we are … He is with us if we are His child!

Friend, don’t let anxiety and panic and fear get the best of you! He knows what’s going on.

In the midst of all the rumors, in the midst of all the craziness … GOD is in control!

Trust Him!

Bless him!

Love on Him!

God’s … GOT … Monday!

4 responses to “God’s Got Monday”

    1. So welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

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  1. In the email I sent you earlier I talked about your posts that comfort me. This is one of the post that I find much comfort in. I saved it so I can refer back to it.

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    1. God is so faithful and knows our every need.


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