About the Lord’s Prayer

by fellow blogger Brian Jewell

Our Father living in heaven Holy is Your name

Your Son was mocked, beaten, crucified but from the cross He proclaimed

“It’s finished. It’s done.” I took the pain and wrath so you could live without shame

Now centuries later not much had changed. If Jesus walked the earth today His message would be the same

Living on this sphere is hard, we ask You to bring heaven here

No hurting, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness, no death on the day You appear

You conquered it all already so we have nothing to fear

Even though we get laughed at and jeered, some people can’t say Your name without a sneer

We ask You to provide our daily bread

Not just for our bellies because our souls get hungry too and need to be fed

Some people only talk to you when they’re in trouble but a relationship is what You want instead

Remind me all the time that for me You bled

Forgive us for the sin we commit

We owed You so much, up to our necks in debt

Everyday we stumble and hit face first to the dirt our heads heavy with regret

But You paid the price so we could get up again, let us never forget

Please keep my feet on the narrow way

It’s so easy to follow the crowd and stray

Day after day of trials and temptations cause the end of the rope to fray

But because You’re my life and breath I know You’ll help me when I sway

All of creation belongs to You

The universe itself screams the truth

Doubters and seeks are looking through the telescope lens to study the sky roof

They need to repent because You keep us fireproof

To read more of these wonderful blogs visit Brian’s site at http://www.viewsfromthejaded.wordpress.com

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