From Rain to Sun

From FEATURED blogger of the week Brian Jewell

Rain beats its rhymed tones along my path.

Each drop weathers my heart.

It’s the education of life, coupled with understanding.

Clasped to my ankle is the ball and chain of pain, pride, regret and resentment.

Each link rusted but not weakened.


The once arid ground is now a swampland of mud and mire.

The weight I drag is covered in sludge and slows my footfalls.

Here in the valley of darkness I am consumed by the weight of my sin.

Guilt stained and tattered cloths now cover my emaciated skeleton.

My heart yearns for relief from the flame that the rain does not quench.


Out of breath, out of strength, out of desire I fall face first into the muck and cry out.

My cries seem to be engulfed in the ink-soaked sky.

I try to scream, only to hear no words.

Weak, decimated, broken, and defeated I gasp into the stale air, help.

I feel a long forgotten yet strangely familiar presence around me.


Still weak, weary and warn I turn my face forward.

From my prone position I see a lone wooden beam-stained crimson.

Lilies adorn the ground this solitary piece of wood is surrounded by.

I know that my words in this place are worthless in the presence of His sacrifice.

Yet, He knows the tears I shed in silence scream repentance in His ears.


He gently, and lovingly, extends His hand to this shell of His beloved creation.

He hands me His robe to replace my wretched rags of a life spent in a sewer.

He feeds me from His never-ending abundance.

Though He gives me these gifts freely, He has transformed my lifeless heart with His throne.

I am His beloved bride now strong, clean and I live in His light.

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  1. msfitz2013gmailcom Avatar

    You write well.I know the feelings you write about. Thank Him for being who He is!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dougdial Avatar

      This blog is from Brian Jewell. He shares deep doesn’t he?


      1. msfitz2013gmailcom Avatar

        Yes,he is deep and I love it! Thank you for sharing him with us,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. dougdial Avatar

        You are so welcome. Blessings.


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