Change, No Change

Wife and I were wandering around one of those hulky bulk warehouses recently. Hadn’t been there in a few weeks and GUESS what they did?

Ayup! They rearranged the store and changed the placement of many of our favorite items. Yeah, so much fun.

The hanging roadmaps hadn’t been repositioned yet so we were … lost. About reached for my iPhone GPS app.

You’ll be glad to know we survived.

Aren’t you glad God never changes? Our eternal, uncreated and unchanging God remains forever the same throughout time and eternity.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

4 responses to “Change, No Change”

  1. I detest when a store remodels ansd moves everything because what should have been a q8ick 5 minute trip to the store ends up taking 30-40 minutes. UGH!


    God never changes….That is the best news!!

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    1. A small store wouldn’t create a stir but … the bigger the building … YIKES!

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  2. Love this brother Doug! I couldn’t agree more especially when the change doesn’t make sense!

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    1. HEY, Broham! What’s news? So good to hear from you!


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