Our Leader

Hey, Doug Dial here with 1 minute of hope.

If an alien from outer space knocked on your front door and said, “Take me to your leader,” where would you bring it?

Would you sit it in front of your TV?

Would you show it your refrigerator?

Would you introduce it to your … ?

♫ In shady green pastures, so rich and so sweet, God leads his dear children along; Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet, God leads His dear children along.

♫ Some thro’ the waters, some thro’ the flood, Some thro’ the fire, but all thro’ the blood; Some thro’ great sorrow, but God gives a song. In the night season and all the day long. – G. A. Young

He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still and quiet waters. Psalm 23:2 AMP

I was chatting with a dear friend just the other morning and she was recounting how God sovereignly led her mother, her aunt and her husband these last few months to keep them protected during this pandemic.

God will lead us and guide us if we let Him.

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