Angela Forker

Angela is a newborn photographer as well as a pastor’s wife in New Haven, Indiana. She hasn’t always been a photographer. She and her husband were missionaries to Germany and Italy for 15 years. After one of their daughters had an unexpected pregnancy, Angela fell in love with this grandson and started taking photos of him. Little did she know that this unexpected life would put her on a new path of newborn photography which would lead to a photography ministry. The Precious Baby Project started in 2018. It features babies with special needs, showing the world that they are beautiful and of great value. Her After the Abortion photography series started in February of 2019. It portrays the grief and suffering post-abortive women experience, while also focusing on the forgiveness and healing that is found in Christ.

Between these two projects, God has used Angela’s photography to touch millions of lives around the world. Her work for the Precious Baby Project was made into a 1/2-hour documentary and has been featured on many local news stations, Inside Edition, Huff Post, Good Morning America, BBC News, NBC Nightly News and more. Her work is displayed in hospitals and clinics—even in other countries. Her new project, the After the Abortion photography series, has been featured by Life News, Live Action News and as well as numerous other podcast and radio interviews. In 2018 she was the keynote speaker for Utah’s Right to Life rally and has many more invitations to speak on the behalf of Life. Angela’s desire is to continue to follow God’s leading as she shows the world the value of life through her photography. As a speaker, she shares how each of us can make a difference for God with the simplest gifts He has given us.

 Pastor’s wife, photographer, advocate for LIFE,
speaker, Child of the KING.

Angela’s Life Experiences

Pastor’s Wife at Passion Church

Owner/Photographer at Precious Baby: Newborn Photography by Angela Forker

Former Pastor’s wife/missionary at International Assemblies of God Fellowship

Studied Pastoral Theology at Faith Bible College International formerly Faith School of Theology, Charleston, Maine

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