Faith vs Religion

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Biblical faith to harm one single, solitary soul.

It won’t. It don’t. It can’t.

Man-made religion? Religion will deal a death blow to the heart every time. Woe to the poor soul who confuses the two! They are diverse in every conceivable way except for this: They both will come to an end:

Faith will be TRANSFORMED and religion will be DESTROYED.

The believer will behold the One in whom their soul delights. They will gaze upon the splendor and glory of God’s magnificent paradise.

Religion will be exposed for the vain, empty and lifeless system that it is.

The outcomes of these two entities are the precise consequences they bring to every individual who is affected by them.

Kindly allow me to break it down into a simple, straightforward and uncomplicated formula:

Faith — good.

Religion — bad.

Faith — transforms.

Religion — destroys.

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