A Privilege Called Prayer

A Privilege called Prayer

… conversing with the Creator …

… talking with the Teacher …

… supping with the Shepherd …

… through a privilege called prayer …

Prayer — is most certainly not rattling off our wish list while lounging on the lap of some fat stranger wearing a fake costume, sporting a fake beard and spouting a fake laugh.

Oh, no, Ho, Ho, my friend!

Prayer — is having a chat with the Christ of Calvary and the King of Kings.

Prayer — is sacred communion with a holy, loving and living God.

Prayer — is loving on Jesus. Singing to Him with songs and hymns and spiritual songs. Making melody in our hearts to the Lord.

Prayer — is the most awesome privilege afforded to humans.

Primates play. People pray.

Hey, hey; whaddya say?

Let’s have a talk with Him today!

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