Whispers of What

These days are filled with constant conversations in my head. I talk to God. I think some people just “talk” in their own heads. Not me. I talk to God as if He were right here in front of me. This is what I am whispering to God.

“God, You know.”

“You know how incompetent I am.“

“I made a small mistake. It is nothing. Why is it, God (lest I forget who I am talking with), that I work so hard to help and cover everyone’s back, yet no one has mine?”

“Wait, I know who has my back, it is You. Jesus, all my mistakes are forgiven, right? You promised that right? Please God, wash me today in Your River. Wash me clean.”

“But I need. I am the most needy person. Oh God, I am so glad you don’t judge me too needy by the world’s standards. You can have all my neediness.”

This is how I constantly discuss my life with God. Each day I find something more I am not capable of dealing with. Sometimes the whisper is — “Hey God, You got this one right? I can’t hold on anymore. You take it.”

How is your relationship with your creator? The future looks so promising. If only this-then that-then the next, and I will be ok. Yet God says. “Come unto Me all who are weary.” Matthew 11:28

I am waiting. Waiting on answered prayer. Waiting on guidance. Once a need is answered there is another right behind it. I trust in the promise – “when I trust in You, God, with all my heart, and I lean on Your understanding not mine. When all my ways are following Your Guidance, then You show me the way to go.” (Proverbs 3:5,6) (my phrasing only)

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