An Awesome Psalm


It is my humble opinion that Psalm 40 needs to be read over and over and over again … SLOWLY.

It is OFF THE CHARTS awesome in clarity, content, and Christlikeness!

Seventeen powerfully packed, uplifting and encouraging verses from the Word.

Precious LORD, we thank You for Psalm 40. As we meditate in it today, draw us closer than ever to Your side, we pray. Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

6 responses to “An Awesome Psalm”

  1. I agree! Reading or singing the Psalms repeatedly leads to new insight each time.

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    1. Do you have a favorite?

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      1. Yes, Psalm 91 and 27.

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      2. I realize it’s so hard to pick and choose. There’s so much comfort and truth and strength found in each and every Psalm. I love me some Psalm 116.
        Blessings all over your day.

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  2. Thank you 😊 I haven’t read psalms 40 but now I will

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    1. Blessings all over you as you meditate on it prayerfully and slowly.

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