Mine is the Morning


Precious LORD, thank You for the morning. Thank You for the season’s refreshing. Amen

Friend, may you be FILLED with hope today and share it with others!

9 responses to “Mine is the Morning”

  1. Beautiful! Is that Cat Steven’s song?

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    1. I believe he sang at least part of it but it was a hymn long before.


      1. That’s interesting. My husband loves music. I’ll share this with him. ❤🥰❤


  2. Thank you for 5 Minutes of Hope. This morning I saw a photo of you and Lawrence Daigle, I met him a few months ago when I was sitting on a bench in Presque Isle, Maine. I really enjoy Reading 5 Minutes of Hope.


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    1. Larry was one year ahead of me in high school.
      Do you live in Presque Isle or just visiting?
      We are so glad you enjoy 5 Minutes of Hope. Our LORD is so precious.



      1. Yes I live in Presque Isle. I grew up in Ct. I also Know Linda Hanzel, I just ordered another copy of Her book GOD is a head of us for a friend in Ct. who is dealing With breast cancer. Yes I do enjoy your postings. Each day I look forward to reading them. Snowy day here in Presque Isle. BEVIE


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      2. Wonderful.

        God is doing amazing things all over the world right now.

        We are in Florida until tomorrow and the weather here is about 85 and sunny. Kinda miss a good snowy day.

        What church do you attend?


      3. My sons live in Panama City, Fl. I attend Framework Church/used to be Called Presque Wesleyan Church. I was raised Catholic but changed Back in 2007. Every morning I attend by zoom Bible study with ladies From the Allagash. GOD has blessed me abundantly.


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      4. Awesome.

        LORD willing, Tisha and I will be up in July to attend my high school 50th.

        You sound blessed. What a mighty God we serve!


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