God’s Pace

When God’s too slow

and you want to go

but the only answer

He gives is no;


When God’s too fast

and things don’t last

and you think you’re only

chance has passed;


When with God’s pace

you run this race

you’ve entered into

that special place;


5 responses to “God’s Pace”

  1. That was excellent Doug, and how very true!!

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    1. That was actually the first poem in our first published book, circa 2009.
      Thanks for the encouragement, Jimmy!

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  2. So true. It took me ages to know this, and still today at 58 yrs old I can forget.

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    1. Well, I probably have you beat there in a couple ways. Lol. I’m almost 67 and I seem to be still learning how to trust the Master with everything. Blessings all over your day.

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      1. Faith is a hard word to describe and harder to follow.

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